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Convoy Procedures

Convoy Procedures For Off-Highway Situations

Convoy procedures must be adhered to on a club trip from the point of departure, unless advised otherwise by the trip leader.

All convoys shall have a trip leader at the head of the convoy, and a Tail End Charlie at the rear of the convoy. The trip leader has overall control of the convoy. The Tail End Charlie and Trip assistant, when appointed in convoys, are to assist the Trip Leader in the running of the convoy.

All participants shall abide by the discretion and the instructions given by the Trip Leader or Tail End Charlie.

All drivers are responsible for themselves and their passengers, and must observe road rules, at all time. All drivers are responsible for the vehicle behind them, and take note of that vehicle i.e. make, colour, driver etc.

Each vehicle must wait at each intersection, until the next vehicle can observe the direction of the route taken. The following vehicle shall acknowledge any changes in direction, by use of the vehicle indicators.

Should a vehicle become separated from the Convoy, wait at that location and a vehicle will return for you, unless instructed by the Trip Leader or Tail End Charlie.

When a gate is encountered a person from the vehicle behind the lead vehicle, will open the gate. This vehicle will pull over, allow the rest of the convoy through, close the gate, and then take up a position in front of Tail End Charlie. This ensures the gate is properly secured and prevents stock or animals from passing through the gate and also ensures there is no confusion. If the gate is found open, communicate same to rest of the convoy and Tail End Charlie.

In hilly country or water crossings, allow the vehicle in front to get up or down steep slopes before following. On difficult hills/crossings wait, clear of the top, just in case assistance is required.

Acknowledgment to commence the obstacle will come via the CB radio, from the driver of the proceeding vehicle and or the Trip Leader/Trip assistant when it is safe to do so.

Any vehicle wishing to leave the convoy, or stop, shall wave through the remaining vehicles and inform Tail End Charlie and the Trip Leader of his/her intentions.

In recovery situations, instructions will be given by the Trip Leader or a designated person regarding safety and recovery procedures.

Radio communications, will not be accepted as a substitute for standard convoy procedures.

Where difficult sections may exist (e.g. River crossing wash outs etc) the Trip Leader may determine that a vehicle will be recovered to minimize environmental impact.

Always keep an eye on the car behind you!

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