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Trip Gradings

A system of levels 1 to 5 is used to assist members in deciding which trips they would most enjoy and which trips would suit the driver’s experience and abilities. This system of grading is a guide only.

The grade assigned to a trip may change due to weather conditions or recent track traffic.  The trip leader should be consulted in such circumstances. The trip leader has the right to reject a ≥request from a member / driver who is considered under experienced relative to the grade trip.

It is also up to the discretion of the trip leader to reject a member / driver, depending on the condition of their vehicle. E.g. Tow hooks, ground clearance, roadworthiness.

All members and visitors over the age of 16 are required to sign the trip sheet before leaving designated meeting place.

Grade 1: Very easy with little, if any, four wheel driving involved, will usually consist of a scenic tour and a easy trip to camp.

Grade 2: A relatively moderate four wheel drive trip, winching and or towing unlikely.

Grade 3: A medium four wheel drive trip, will require cautious driving.  Winching should not be necessary.

Grade 4: A moderately difficult four wheel drive trip, winching and or towing will most probably be required.

Grade 5: An extremely difficult four wheel drive trip, participants must be experienced at traveling over difficult terrain. Winching and or towing will definitely be required.

Driver Experience

Conditions of some trips at grade 3, may prove difficult to inexperienced drivers. You should advise the trip leader of your level of driving experience and vehicle equipment when signing up for a trip.  New members should attend a club training course before attempting a trip above grade 2 .  Non members are required to attend the club’s general monthly meeting held immediately prior to the outing and introduce themselves to the trip leader. Non members will not be allowed to drive on any trips over a grade 2.

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